Mission: To facilitate resolution of conflict and promote positive relationships with the use of mediation, conflict coaching and spiritual direction.
J-F Solutions provides a wide range of services to assist individuals, groups, and corporations in resolving conflict and planning for it. When conflict arises.

Mediation can help parties find their own customized and beneficial solutions, which best meet the needs and interests of everyone involved, without the pressures, tensions, and breakdown of personal relationships that escalating levels of conflict, including expensive litigation, often bring.

Conflict Coaching
can provide individuals, families and other groups with new communication and problem solving skills. Utilizing compassionate, “nonviolent” ways of speaking and listening can reduce levels of anger, resentment, and defensiveness, and actively promote the building and strengthening of personal relationships which facilitates conflict resolution and problem solving. Conflict coaching can also help groups and organizations set up conflict management systems to effectively anticipate and deal with conflict in ways which turn conflict, which is inevitable, into a healthy and rewarding process.

Spiritual Direction can help individuals realize who they are and who they can become through mindful reflection on their spiritual life and questions of ultimate meaning, and practices that promote spiritual growth and healing.